Setting a timer in your car will allow you to have control over what time your charging will begin. Charging will then start and charge until the battery is full.

Smart Charging with allows you to set a 'ready by time' in our app. Your charging will then be scheduled to align with both your energy tariff and the carbon intensity forecast provided by the national grid. Our Solar Smart feature, available worldwide, will also charge your car from your solar panels at sunny times, rather than from the grid or by using a combination of both depending on the size of your solar array. This feature allows you to charge your car with your own, free, 100% renewable solar energy. This means a fully charged car when required, at a lesser cost and a greater benefit to the environment.

Additional features such as 'Only charge off peak' allow you even greater control over your charging, limiting charging to only the cheapest available rates when you have a tariff with "off-peak" hours. For tariffs that change dynamically or have more than one off-peak period, you are able to set a maximum price using the 'price limit' slider.