• If you are on a variable rate (also known as dual-rate) energy tariff, enabling Smart Charging allows our platform to optimise the charging of your EV based on your tariff's off-peak times. Charging during off-peak hours when the demand for energy is low will help you save money on your energy bill.

  • If you are on a flat rate (same price at all times) energy tariff or haven't told us which tariff you're on, our platform will optimise your charging schedule according to your country's energy demand forecasts. So you won't be saving money directly, but you will be saving the planet!

All of our users, whatever their tariff, can save money by claiming smart rewards, or through rewards schemes with our energy supplier partners. You can collect smart points by conducting smart charges of at least 7kWh. These points are accrued each time you conduct a valid smart charge, and can then be used to redeem a reward of your choosing from the available options at the time. 

If you have solar panels at home, you can also save money by using our Solar features, which allows you to smart charge from your own, free, 100% renewable solar energy

Find out more about Solar Smart here.