Incentives in this Program fall into a few categories that we will explain in more detail below. There are upfront incentives, like rebates for equipment and electrical work, and Enrollment Incentives to encourage customers to sign up for the Program. Then, there are ongoing incentives for continued, consistent participation in either the Baseline or Advanced Tiers, awarded twice per year for Eversource participants and quarterly for UI participants after verification that participants have achieved the minimum level of participation.

Participants must apply for upfront incentives as part of their application and enrollment process, and these will be distributed after the application is approved. Participants will be required to show documentation of installation and receipts of purchase. Below is more detail on what you can expect from these incentives and how to qualify.

Upfront Rebates & Incentives:

  • Wiring Upgrade Rebate:For participants needing electrical upgrades for their

    home to participate in the Program, up to $500 will be available for qualifying

    work (for example, adding a sub panel, increasing main panel amperage,

    installing conduit runs, wiring a 240V plug). This incentive is only available for

    those purchasing a new Networked L2 charger (“Smart Charger”) or those

    participating with qualifying EV with Telematics.

  • Smart Charger Rebate: For participants purchasing and installing a Qualifying

    Networked L2 charger for use in this program, there is up to $500 available to

    participants who provide proof of purchase and installation. Only new Smart

    Chargers purchased on or after January 1, 2023, and listed in the Qualified

    Products List (“QPL”) are eligible (see Section 6) for this incentive. Rebates for

    qualifying chargers purchased in 2023 are eligible to apply to the program until

    March 31, 2024.

  • Enrollment Incentive: For those customers who participate through

    Telematics, Networked L2 chargers (purchased prior to January 1, 2023), or

    AMI Disaggregation, a one-time $100 Enrollment Incentive is available.

    Participants must enroll using eligible devices and/or methods of connection

    (see Section 6 for the list of eligible technologies) and successfully set up their


    Table 1: Upfront Incentives for Equipment & Enrollment

  • Ongoing Incentives: Both participation tiers have ongoing incentives for meeting the performance requirements of the given tier on a monthly basis. The Baseline Tier requires less of the participant than the Advanced Tier. The Advanced Tier participants allow the utility more potential for optimization and cost-efficiency on the system, so participants in this tier are entitled to more incentives; their actions improve the performance of the utility system to a higher degree than Baseline Tier participants.