There are ongoing monthly incentives capped at $300 per year for full participation in the Advanced Tier. The participant and utility coordinate charging by having the participant set a daily charging schedule and adhere to this schedule as closely as they can on a monthly basis. The participant is responsible for not overriding this schedule and, if successful, will earn a $25 incentive for a given month.

Participants must also agree to participate in occasional EV charging curtailments during times of high stress on the utility system. These are rare and generally occur during the periods where charging will be curtailed anyway, but the utilities reserve the ability to curtail EV charging when it is most critical to the utility system. Finally, in order to receive any incentives in this tier, the participating EV or EV charger must also be used at least twice in the month.

Utilities and their Technology Partners will inform customers monthly about their accumulated credit or any lost incentives due to too many opt-outs. Ongoing Incentives are paid via e-gift card or check and sent directly to the participant.