The Program offers rebates to eligible customers to reduce the cost of installing new, qualified Smart Chargers and wiring upgrades. The Program also provides ongoing incentives to promote consistent participation in Managed Charging over time. Participants are rewarded for charging their vehicles during off-peak periods throughout the year and for participating in load control events from June through September.

Participants use their EV and/or EV charging stations to respond to signals from their utility as the utility continually monitors the electric grid. Utilities will occasionally initiate a reduction in power, or in some cases completely stop power, to the participant’s EV under times of high energy cost or electric grid stress.

Customers can set their own charging schedules or have the utilities set their charging schedules for them to avoid charging during those times. Participants always have the option to opt out of any charging curtailment if it is necessary for them to charge during that time. To receive rebates and incentives, customers must agree to participate in one of the two tiers of participation and adhere to the requirements of that tier.

These incentive dollars are available to EV owners who agree to participate in one of two tiers of participation which correspond to different levels of incentives and customer responsibilities. There is the Baseline Tier and the Advanced Tier.

In both tiers, participants are rewarded monthly for meeting the relevant requirements of each tier.