There are ongoing monthly incentives capped at $200 per year for full participation in the Baseline Tier. If a participant, in a given month, times their charging such that 80% or more of the charging happens during the off-peak period*, the customer will earn a $10 incentive for that month which is a potential earning of $120 annually 

Also, there are incentives available for participating in optional Demand Response Events. These events can happen between June and September and only occur on non-holiday weekdays. The participant must participate in all optional events in order to receive the $20 incentive for a given month in the Demand Response Season. For full participation in all four months of the Demand Response Season, the participant could earn up to $80.

Finally, in order to receive any incentives in this tier, the participating EV or EV charger must also be used at least once in the month. 

Participants achieving 80% or greater off-peak charging and responding to each Demand Response Event could, therefore, earn $200 annually for their participation.

*: The peak hour window for this program is from 3pm to 9pm on non-holiday weekdays and every hour outside that window is considered as off-peak. This peak hours schedule may differ from your RT rate peak schedule and participants need to plan accordingly.