State of Charge

If you decide to connect your vehicle with the app. You can assess the State-of-Charge directly from your dashboard screen for more accurate charging predictions.

Session Summary

Use the Session Summary feature to learn more about your individual charging sessions, including the energy delivered, energy cost, carbon intensity and rewards points earned.

What do different icons/colours mean?

When you charge your EV, your recent charging activity will be displayed on your timeline. Here's what the colours and icons mean:    

A green symbol will indicate a smart charge.

An amber symbol will indicate a boost charge.

A lavender symbol will indicate a standard charge.

A light blue symbol will indicate “away from home” or public charging.

Switching between cars

On the main dashboard screen, you will find your car displayed at the top. By simply tapping on the vehicle name, you can easily switch to charging a different car, especially if you happen to own multiple vehicles.

Just below the vehicle name, you will have the convenience of verifying whether your vehicle is currently connected to the charger or if you need to inspect your charging cable before starting a charging session.

Refresh button

If you experience a delay in loading your data or if you have recently connected a vehicle or charger, tap the refresh button located in the top right-hand corner of your main dashboard screen. By doing so, you can ensure that the information is up to date. Additionally, the app will display the timestamp of the last refresh, providing you with the latest data.