Yes absolutely! Even if you don’t have a smart meter you can turn on Smart Charging in the app and reap the many rewards…  

Earn rewards:

You will earn a £5 reward for every smart charge that you complete (over 7kWh) which you can redeem as an Amazon voucher, money off your energy bill, carbon offset credits, or donate to the Fuel Bank Foundation.

Get the cheapest charge:

Also, if you’re on a time-of-use tariff Smart Charging will always ensure your car is charged at the cheapest possible time according to your rates. drivers can save £412 annually on their energy bills through smart charging

Help to reduce strain on the grid:

Every time you smart charge you are helping to reduce energy demand on the grid at peak times. You also reduce your own carbon footprint by charging at times when the carbon intensity of electricity is lower. As a thank you for charging the greener way, we give you rewards in the app! 

Interested? Go to the ‘Smart’ tab in the app, turn on Smart Charging and set your ready-by time. You can always boost on the ‘Dashboard’ tab if you want an instant charge!

You can read more about Smart Charging here.