If you’ve already set up your charger in the ev.energy app, you can easily find your charger by tapping on Settings and Home charger. The serial number of your unit will be visible on the charger screen along with the charger status.

Finding the serial number of a charger already added to your Easee App or Portal is easy.

In the Easee App, simply go to Charger settings, under About, you will find your serial number.

In the Easee portal, you can find your serial number in Devices. Under Products you will find a list of your Easee chargers and their serial numbers.

If you haven’t added your charger to the Easee App or Cloud yet, there are three ways of finding your charger serial number.

  1. Remove the front cover on your charger to access the Chargeberry. Above the Type 2 plug, you should find the serial number.
  2. The serial number and PIN may also be located on the back of your manual. Your installer may also have placed this on the inside of your fuse box door.
  3. Activate the WiFi hotspot on your charger by holding the touch button area for more than 5 seconds. The LED strip should light up green and the charger should emit a small beep. Go to your WiFi settings and search for available WiFi networks. Your charger’s hotspot is active now and should be in the list of available networks. Look for “Easee-Home-EHxxxxx”. The last part of the network name is the charger’s serial number.