We've recently introduced some new and exciting rewards for our drivers in the EU. 

Once you visit the rewards tab of your app you will see, that there is a new reward available to claim.


By claiming this, you'll receive a link to a FlexiCard which lets you freely pick the type of voucher for your country.

Some of the new rewards on offer for our European drivers:

  • Amazon vouchers
  • Ikea vouchers
  • Decathlon vouchers

Who can claim these rewards?

Our offer is currently limited to drivers who are residing in one of the following countries:

- Netherlands - Germany - Italy - Spain - Belgium - France - Austria - Ireland -

Can all 3 vendor vouchers be claimed in all territories? 

No, not all vendors have 5 € vouchers in all territories. Here is a breakdown of what vendors are available in specific countries. 

Germany: Amazon.de vouchers, Ikea vouchers, Decathlon vouchers

France: Amazon.fr vouchers, Ikea vouchers, Decathlon vouchers

Belgium: Amazon.fr vouchers (please change country back to France) , Ikea vouchers

Ireland: National Book Tokens voucher, Tesco voucher

Italy: Amazon.it vouchers

Spain: Amazon.es vouchers

Netherlands: Amazon.nl vouchers

Austria: Amazon.de vouchers

We are hoping to launch new rewards and also extend our offer in new territories soon, stay tuned for the latest and greatest news on all things ev.energy by subscribing to our newsletters.

Disclaimer: Once you've received the reward code for the vendor of your choice ev.energy will not be able to swap/change this to another offer. Please make sure to contact GiftPay directly. In order to do so go back to your reward email and hit "Contact Us" or visit https://giftpay.com/

If you’d like to provide any additional feedback or you haven't received your reward please email us.