The serial number of the BG SyncEV charger is marked as ‘Charger ID’ which can be found in 3 possible locations:

1. In the packaging box with all the paperwork, leaflets and manuals you should receive 2 stickers labeled as ‘EV Charger Identification’ which has the Charger ID and other important admin information.

2. If you cannot find the above stickers, then simply open the BG SyncEV Installer app on your mobile device (iOS / Android), make sure Bluetooth is switched on and make sure the charger is powered on. You should see a 9-digit code which is a mix of letters and numbers as shown below:

3. Finally, if you do not have the above 2 stickers or access to the app, then you can locate an internal sticker within the charger. Do this by powering the charger off, unclipping the outer face plate and unscrewing the front housing. Proceed with caution. You should see a sticker as shown below towards the bottom of the charger. It is recommended to take an image of this and keep it safe for the future. Carefully reconnect all parts of the charger back together.