1. Download BG EV Charging App

    - iOS

    - Android

2. After downloading the BG SyncEV Installer app from the AppStore or Google PlayStore, make sure your device's Bluetooth is enabled and open the app. The BG SyncEV charger must be powered on with a solid yellow light showing it is on with no connection to the network. Within the app, you will be able to see the Charger Identification Number.

3. Click on the Charger Identification Number and you will be prompted to enter the admin portal password which can be found on the sticker provided. This should by default be ‘12345678’.

4. You will be asked to change this password, however you can keep it as it is and come back to it later. 

5. Then you are able to select your desired WiFi network which you want you charger to connect to from the ‘WiFi SSID’ drop down menu. Enter the WiFi password to connect. It is recommended that all other settings are not changed. Click set to set the charger to the network.

6. You will be returned to the home page and the charger LED should be a solid blue meaning it is connected.