ev.energy uses a secure API service that allows our app to connect with a broader array of EVs. The result of this is that users will be able to use the ev.energy app without the need to have a compatible smart charger. 

It will also allow all users access to the additional benefits of being directly connected to the vehicle. This means we can:

  • Assess the car’s state-of-charge - for more accurate charging predictions

  • Track your 'on the go' charges - so we can consolidate your charge tracking within the ev.energy app

  • Display battery % in the app 

What cars are available?

See our list of supported vehicles here:
What cars and chargers do you support?

How does ev.energy connect to my car? 

If your car is compatible with our platform, you will be asked if you wish to connect your vehicle when setting up your car during the app onboarding. The app will then redirect you to a secure login portal for you to enter your login credentials you use for your connected car app, e.g MyBMW, MyVolkswagen, we will search for your vehicle and then ask for you to allow us access to your car.

By allowing us the access we’re able to read the vehicles:

  • Make, model, VIN

  • Battery level and status

  • Vehicle location and Control

  • Start and stop charging

Are my login credentials safe? 

When you connect your vehicle account, your credentials are passed directly to ev.energy and we read the access and refresh token provided back, which provides us access to the vehicles on your account. This process is based on OAuth2, a standard used worldwide to provide secure authentication to services such as Facebook and Google. We only use these tokens to access your vehicle, read the above data, and control your charging.


As such, ev.energy will not permanently store your login credentials. 

How do I revoke access / I no longer want to grant ev.energy access


We're working on a way of improving this so that in the future you can revoke your access straight from the app but until then, please contact our support team at support@ev.energy - we'll be happy to assist you.


I don’t want to hand my username/password or token details over, but I’m still interested in Smart Charging.


We understand that not everyone is comfortable with handing over these details. You can still Smart Charge without integrating your car by using one of our integrated charge points.




Full information about how we use your data is available in our Privacy Policy. Or if you have any further questions, feel free to email us at support@ev.energy - we’d be happy to help!