11/09/20 - 23:00 GMT - Our engineering team has deployed a fix and is continuing to monitor the situation. 

What’s happened?

At approximately 14:30 UK time on September 10th, Tesla made an update that started dropping calls from ev.energy to their APIs. There’s no stated reason for this from Tesla and other cloud services have been affected (e.g. TeslaFi). I am pleased to say we now have a fix in place that has has re-established the link with Tesla.

What does this mean for me?

For customers with a connected Tesla account, we temporarily disabled smart charing on Friday morning as a precaution to ensue people's cars were charged. If you would like to charge at the cheapest, greenest and best times for the grid, you can now re-enable smart charging in the ev.energy app. To help further mitigate any potential future issues, we additionally recommend setting a delay timer in your car at some point during your off-peak period (e.g. 00:30, on Octopus Go, Octopus Agile or Economy 7 tariffs). Under normal operations, your delay timer will be overridden by the ev.energy smart charging app, but it will kick in if the link with Tesla goes down, ensuring your car is fully charged for your next drive.