There are a number of reasons why your Tesla may not be Smart Charging. 

If you drive a Tesla, you can Smart Charge on any home charger in the UK and Ireland by signing in with  Tesla Account. If you've done this and you're still not smart charging, your access and refresh token, which allows us to ready the state of charge of your battery, may have expired. For security, this token expires and our access to your car is automatically revoked every 60 days (you can also revoke our access by simply changing your Tesla account password). Try logging in with your Tesla account again by opening the app and heading to Account > Car Account Settings to refresh this access token. 

If you've installed a Rolec HomeSmart EV charger at home and you "skipped" logging in with your Tesla account on sign up,  can try the steps above (logging in with your Tesla account also allows you to track your Away from Home charging). Unfortunately, if you'd prefer not to sign in with your Tesla account and your car isn't smart charging on your Rolec charger, there may be a hardware or installation fault. In this instance, you will need to contact your installer or hardware manufacturer - provide smart charging services for charge point manufacturers and we are not responsible for hardware or installation faults.  

Additionally, in older Tesla models, you may need to ensure that you are "Always connected". To control charging, we need to have communications with your car at all times. In your Tesla dashboard or account settings under Controls > Displays > Energy Saving> 'Power Management', there is a tick box called "always connected" - please ensure this is ticked in your Tesla, to allow us to charge your car using the cheapest greenest energy available.

If you're still experiencing an issue, please do get in touch