The "Last Updated" time is shown at the top of the dashboard page in the app. This is the last time we received a message from your Rolec HomesSmart charge point. If this does not update when refreshed, it is likely that your charge point has lost network connection. If connection is lost, your charge point should continue to work as a standard charger.

If your car will not charge and the unit is showing a RED light, there may be a problem with the charge point. Please contact your installer and hardware manufacturer Rolec ( directly who will able to help you get charging again.

The charge point needs a good mobile signal to work reliably, but will connect to multiple mobile phone networks if the signal from one is poor. Your installer must insure that the signal received is greater than 14 CSQ when they install the unit (in-line with the product technical requirements) and offer a signal boost option if appropriate. 

To restore connection, please try the following steps: 

  1. To help get your unit back online, you can try rebooting the unit. If safe to do so, please try flicking the switch to off on your main consumer unit or isolator for your charge point, wait 30 seconds, and then switch it on again.
  2. If your charge point does not come online after a reset (or drops out again), we will need to raise this with your installer. They will be able to advise you on the options to get your signal boosted and more reliably connected to our app.