The Rolec HomeSmart EV unit requires a minimum GPRS signal strength of 14 CSQ (as stated in the product technical requirements) in order to communicate reliably with the cloud-based back office. The charge point contains a roaming SIM card which will always connect to the strongest signal available.

If the charge point commissioning page displays a signal strength below 14 CSQ when the unit is being installed, then a shark-fin signal booster can be fitted to try and improve the signal.

If the signal strength is below 14 CSQ when the unit is installed, it may affect the connection to the cloud-based system and mean that the customer is not able to make use of the smart charging app. Neither Rolec or are able to provide smart functionality support for units installed with signal strength below 14.

If the connection is lost for any reason, the charge point should revert to standard charging until it is able to reconnect to a network.