Smart charging with works with either a compatible car or charger. 

A connected car - If you have one of the following car makes, you'll be able to smart charge at home on any plug or home charger. This means that there is no need for compatibility with your charger, as we will integrate with your car.

Car Make
UK and EUUSAustralia
BMWAll modelsAll models

VWAll models (not iD series)All models (not iD series)
FordAll modelsMach-E Mustang, F-150-Lightning
All models (not Q4, R8 and RS e-tron)
All models (not Q4, R8 and RS e-tron)

SEATLeon, Mii

JaguarE-pace PHEV, F-pace PHEV, I-pace
E-pace PHEV, F-pace PHEV, I-pace

PorscheTaycan, Panamera and Cayenne


Ceed Hybrid, e-niro, e-soul, EV6, Niro Hybrid, Sorento Hybrid, Xceed Hybrid

Cooper SE and Countryman hybrid

Land Rover
All models
VolvoOnly hybridsOnly hybrids


All models
All models (Not Megane IV Break, and Twingo III)

HyundaiIoniq, Ioniq 5, Kona, Santa Fe Hybrid, Tucson Hybrid

TeslaAll modelsAll modelsAll models
All models
All models

You can connect your Tesla by signing in with your Tesla Account

If you have any of the other car makes listed, then you'll be able to connect them using our Smart Car Beta



One of the following home charge points - has partnered with the following charge point manufacturers to provide cloud smart charging services. If you have one installed at home, smart charging will work with any EV on the market!

We're working hard to integrate more vehicles and chargers with our system in the near future, and we're trialing a number of further integrations. Please get in touch if you're interested in learning more.