The charger logs provide you information about firmware update and security events.

You can find your charger logs by tapping on "Settings" and "Home Charger".

We have added this information in the app as part of our work to support charger manufacturers comply with the second phase of the UK Smart Charging regulations, enforced on the 30th of December. Please find more information about this in our guidance document.

The regulations require charger manufacturers to inform customers about prospective firmware updates and security events.

What charger logs will I see in the app?

Please note that the charger logs will vary based on what the charger supports. Some chargers might not have implemented all these events, which means that we won't be able to display.

Some of the logs that you might see are:

  1. Firmware updated - your charger manufacturer might release firmware updates to improves the functionality and features of your charger. The “Firmware updated” log informs you about the firmware of your charger being updated.
  2. Tamper detection - your charger includes a tamper protection boundary device which detects any movements or attempts to open it. Whenever this is activated, we will inform you about this, listing the date and time when it happened.
  3. Rebooted - we might display this when your charger has been rebooted.