What is Great Britain ‘The Energy Price Guarantee’?:

The Government Energy Price Guarantee is a discount on the unit rates of energy that you pay, and is provided by the government to help with the current high costs of bills, within Great Britain

You do not need to apply for the discount, you don’t need to pay it back, and it will be applied automatically to your energy bill, by your supplier.

The Government intends to run this discount from October 2022, until April 2023

What this means for GB ev.energy users: 

Some of the tariffs that we have on our system have an active integration with the energy supplier.

This means we receive updated information of a tariff’s price when they change. These changes are then automatically applied to your account. This allows us to provide you with accurate costing information, without you having to update your tariff in the app, or contact us, to save you time!

Due to the nature of how the energy price guarantee discounts are calculated by most suppliers, they are providing tariff prices to us, prior to the discount being applied.

Even though these may not be the rates that you pay, these rates are accurate to the tariff that you are on.

To help with this, we have added a few new columns in the data export feature within the ev.energy app.

This will include information on how much energy has been used, during peak and off-peak charging, measured in kWh, so that you can calculate the usage based on the energy price guarantee rates, from your energy bill.