Exporting the data for your charging sessions, both at home and away from home, is now easy to do via the app.

  • Go to the Stats screen 
  • Click the icon on the top right that looks like an arrow pointing down.
  • Now select the time period for the data: this calendar month, last calendar month, or "All time" (since your account was opened). Please note that if there is no data available for a given time period, the option will be greased out.
  • That's it! An email will be sent directly to the email address associated with your account. The email will contain a file listing all your charging sessions for that period.

If your email address is incorrect, please contact customer support from the app so we can update our records.

How to read the data export CSV file

The CSV file can be opened from any spreadsheet application, or uploaded to Google Docs for easy reading. You can also open it as a simple text file. 

For each charging session, we give the following information:

  • Session ID: the unique ID for that session in the ev.energy database
  • Car ID: the unique ID for that car in the ev.energy database
  • Car Description: the car make and model associated with your account
  • Session Start Time: the start time for the charging session, typically form when you plug in.
  • Session Finish Time: the end time for the charging session - either when you unplug, stop a boost charge, or have fully charged the car
  • Estimated Energy Delivered: how much energy was delivered to the vehicle, in kWh.
    • If we speak to your charger, we track the kWh estimation using your charger's meter.
    • If we speak to your car directly, we get this info straight from your EV.
  • Average Cost per kWh: the cost per kWh, averaged over the whole session. See here for how we calculate average cost.
  • Cost: the total cost for the entire charging session
  • Location: can be 
    • Home - if the charge was performed on your home charger, or if we detected that your car was at your home location during the session, or
    • Away: if your car was detected at another location that wasn't your home.

Away from home charging sessions might not show a cost - read here for more explanation.

All dates and times are recorded in your local timezone. To change your timezone, visit the Account > Personal details section of the app.

Sessions that start on the last day of the month and continue into the first day of a new month will appear on next month's report.