Due to circumstances outside of our control, Jaguar Land Rover vehicles are no longer compatible with the ev.energy app as changes have been made to their API impacting third-party access, and we’re no longer able to connect to your vehicle. If you have a compatible charger, you can still use the ev.energy app to smart charge your vehicle - check compatibility here.

If you already have your compatible charger added to the app and it is showing as online on the charger status page, then there should be nothing further you’ll need to do and you can continue using the app.

Will there be any changes if I’m only connected using my charger?

Yes - there will be some changes to the settings and options available within the app, as the ev.energy app will no longer be able to receive information from your car directly about the battery level and any associated in-app settings (such as setting a charge level, or battery preconditioning) will no longer be available.

My charger is added, but showing as online in the app.

If your charger is showing as offline within the app, we advise rebooting it. When safe to do so turn off at the power, wait 30 seconds and turn it back on. This usually prompts the charger to reconnect the app, and the charger status will change to online. If this doesn’t happen, please reach out to our customer support team.

I’ve never added my charger, how do I do this?

Adding your charger is easy to do. Your charger should be linked with your email address using your unique charger serial number meaning you’ll be able to use this email address to search for your charger when adding it to the app.

If you run into any problems getting your charger added, please contact our support team so we can help advise you on how to get set up. To speed up your enquiry, please provide us with the following:

  • Your email address (including the email address your charger was registered to if this is different from your ev.energy account email)
  • Your charger serial number 
  • The name of your installer
  • Your home address and postcode

More information and help with charger-specific issues can be found within our FAQs linked to the relevant charger.