When: Phase 1A – June 2022

The off-peak charging requirement aims to reduce the demand on the energy grid at any given time, particularly in the evening peaks when there is already an increased demand as people generally return home and use appliances for cooking, cleaning and entertainment. This protects the grid and also reduces reliance on carbon-intensive energy sources, such as coal and gas.

The requirement states that charge points must be pre-configured with default charging hours outside of peak hours. This should be presented to the user when they first use the device, and they should have the option to accept, remove or customise the charge settings.

Users should also be able to change or remove the default settings at any point. 

However, a default off-peak charging schedule is not required if the charger is sold with a Demand Side Response agreement, including the functionality to respond to signals from electricity networks and dynamically support the grid.

ev.energy provides this advanced DSR functionality as standard with all our OCPP integrated chargers and works with the Distribution System Operators across the UK to offer this. Get in touch to learn more about offering DSR functionality in your EV Charge Points.