When: Phase 1 – June 2022

The Smart Functionality requirement is at the forefront of the incoming regulation. It means that EV charge points must be able to send and receive information via a communications network. 

In addition, EV charge points must also be able to respond to a grid signal by starting or stopping a charge, or increasing and decreasing the rate of electricity flow. This is referred to as Demand Side Response (DSR).

Finally, charge points must also have at least one user interface that allows users to operate the device in accordance with the regulations.

Diving deeper into the technical details, charge points must comply with PAS1878, which is a set of standards that ensure Energy Smart Appliances, including charge points, have DSR functionality included.

Open Charge Point Protocol (OCCP), is also listed as a preferred standard of communication.

The good news is that in most cases existing devices can have smart functionality installed via a software update.