If the ev.energy app fails when trying to connect to your SEAT, it could be due to your privacy settings in your vehicle.

As a user of the SEAT Connect Service, you have the possibility to allow SEAT to access your service data traffic and select different levels of privacy such as share my position, use my position, no position data or maximum privacy. The default mode in the car is the maximum privacy mode, which means that the car cannot communicate with the SEAT Connect app. In order to use SEAT Connect Services, you will need to change it. You can select and switch between different privacy modes via the Service Management and Control Centre sections in the infotainment system. 

To change your privacy mode please head to "User" in the infotainment system and select "Settings". In the User Settings section, please tap on "Privacy settings and services" and select the privacy mode "share my position". 

Please find additional information on these settings on the pages 188 and 189 of this manual