Firstly, you need to complete the 4 steps in the onboarding process in the app. This will ensure we have all the information to smart charge your car effectively.

Once you have seen the "success" message on your app's dashboard and the onboarding process is finished, you will be prompted to enable smart charging, as visible in the screenshot below. If you wish to do it later, you certainly can. Head to Smart tab > Enable Smart Charging.

If you connected a compatible home charger, such as a Rolec Homesmart EV...

You will have to turn smart charging on. Tap the tooltip on your dashboard and tap "Enable" (or head to Account > Smart charging settings). Until you do this, your charger will charge in standard mode (i.e. will start charging when you plug your car in).


In all cases, once smart charging is turned on and you set your preferences, you don't need to do anything! We'll charge your car every night based on your smart charging schedule.