If your waEV-charge EV1 charger is offline, this guide should help!

Reboot the unit
Firstly, try rebooting the unit by turning it off and on again:

  1. Locate the dedicated circuit breaker, which should be where your installer connected the charger’s cabling to your mains supply.
  2. Switch it off and leave for 30 seconds.
  3. Switch back on again.
  4. If the charger still can’t be found, try and reconnect to the network.

Check your wifi quality

  1. Make sure you are connected to your WiFi
  2. Using a device connected to your internet, check if a web page will load and how fast the speed is
  3. Stand beside your charger and do the same thing, check for the signal strength icon 
  4. If you find the signal drops near your charger, you may need a WiFi extender
  5. If the signal seems find by your charger location, please check your Firewall and Router GHz settings (chargers sometimes connect to a 5GHz band when it should be 2.4GHz.)
    If you are unsure on how to do this, please search for your router and network provider for guidance. 

Reconnecting with the waEV charger config app

  1. On the box that your charger came in, you should have a QR code for the waEV charger config app.
    If you cannot locate this, you can find it here for iOS and Android
    waEV-charge info and config guide

  2. Use "find device" on that app (Bluetooth) then "stop search" and "select charger" when you see your device
  3. Enter your access code found at the back of your setup guide
  4. Choose "wifi setup" once the buttons turn blue and enter your details
  5. There will be a success message at the bottom and you can then reboot your charger
  6. If the charger is still not available after connecting to a network, contact support@ev.energy for further assistance

For a video guide on how to reconnect an offline charger as well as the waEV-charge support form, see below: