When: Phase 1A – June 2022

All home and workplace chargers will need to include the following documentation at the point of sale to provide assurance that the device complies with the regulations.

  • Technical File – This document provides proof of compliance for each make, model and software version of EV charge point or smart cable sold. Evidence of compliance for all requirements in the regulations can be attached and reviewed by OPSS. 
  • Statement of Compliance – This document provides assurance that each charge point or smart cable meets the regulations, but less technical detail is required. A signature is required.

ev.energy can help with drafting, reviewing and providing evidence for Technical Files. With an OCPP integration to ev.energy, the only requirements on charger manufacturers to achieve compliance are to implement charge schedules and enable second-by-second metering. ev.energy can also provide information about our DSR agreement that can be added to each Statement of Compliance.