Your Indra Smart Pioneer has two different sets of lights on the front panel display. 

The Primary LED has different colours that indicate the state of the charger and is located right above the Boost button. Below that you will find the Charging Status Indicator which is the set of four smaller LEDs that indicate the state of charge.


LED off: Unit is in a powered OFF state.

The unit has no power. Check the mains wiring and make sure that all connections are correct. Ensure that all RCD or selector switches are in the correct operational state. If the connections are correct and checked twice contact Customer support.

Solid White: Smart mode.

The unit is connected and it will charge based on driver requirements and smart schedules.

Solid Blue: Boost mode

The ‘Boost’ button has been pressed. The unit is now charging at full power and will over-ride any scheduling commands.

Flashing Blue: Software update in progress.

The unit is now downloading a software update from the cloud. Ensure that the unit is not disconnected from the internet, or power removed from the device, during this period/ procedure.

Solid Yellow: Solar matching mode

The unit is using micro-generated, on-site electricity to charge your EV.

Solid or flashing Red: Fault

The unit has encountered an error. Perform a hard restart on the unit by turning the rotary isolator switch on and off or by flipping the RCD inside the house consumer unit. If the steady red light persists upon reboot, contact Customer Support.

Solid Purple: Booting

The unit is now powering up and running its start-up sequence, this will last for a period of approximately 30 seconds. 

Do not attempt to plug the device into an EV whilst booting is in progress.

Flashing Purple: Lost communication

The repeating flashing pattern gives an indication of the fault:

1 flash, repeating - Connected to the internet but unable to connect to Indra. Contact Customer Support.

2 flashes, repeating - There is a problem with the connection to your router. Check all cables are plugged in, that the ethernet cable functions and that other devices in the home are connected to the internet or try restarting the router.

3 or more flashes, repeating - There is likely a problem with the router. Check that other devices in the home are connected to the internet and try restarting the router.


Charging Status Indicators Off: EV is not connected. Plug in your EV to enable charging.

Where an untethered cable is being used, ensure the device end is plugged in first, before plugging the opposite end into the EV.

Charging Status Indicators White (Cycling Downwards): Charging Mode.

The charger is currently charging your vehicle.

Charging Status Indicators White, all Solid: Idle.

The charger is currently idle and not charging.

Charging Status Indicators flashing White: Delay.

The charger knows a vehicle is connected but is currently Idle. Either the car is fully charged or awaiting a scheduled charge. If neither of the above applies, contact Customer Support.