ev.energy’s Solar and Grid system calculates the best time to charge your vehicle based on your electricity tariff and your solar panel output, as well as when greener electricity is available from your supplier.

Solar charging modes use a highly accurate solar irradiation forecasting algorithm to optimise your charge for when it's cheapest and greenest, considering: your tariff, the carbon forecast, and your solar panel output. The algorithm predicts how much power your solar panels are producing and then schedules your charging accordingly. 

Solar and Grid can operate as a software-based solution. Using a software-based approach means that users do not need to have any specific hardware. It also means that we can make it available to all our users irrespective of their location.

Solar and Grid is designed to charge greener and save you money. However, please note that we need to know which electricity tariff you're on in order to save you money reliably, especially if you're on a variable tariff. So make sure you have indicated your tariff details in the Energy Supply settings before you turn Solar and Grid on.

You can turn off Solar and Grid at any time on the Smart tab. You can also hit the Boost button to temporarily override our charging schedules.