1. Find the serial number for your charger. It can be on the side of the charger or in your manual.

2. Contact support@ev.energy with your serial number and ask for a password.

3. Once you have these details, you can configure your charger to point to the ev.energy platform. 

4. Power up your charger. Once it’s on, press the Bluetooth button on the front for a few seconds.

5. When the Bluetooth button pulsates blue, you can connect via Bluetooth:

6. Download the Innogy eConfig app:

    1. Android

    2. iOS

7. Connect to your charger using the Bluetooth on your phone. The charger should appear in the list of Bluetooth devices as something like eBox7936

8. Open the eConfig app.

9. Click the Configure button.

10. Enter your PUK. You can find this on the manual included with your charger.

11. Close the modal that appears and you should see a page similar to this:

12. Click the Business/Commercial Configuration button.

13. Your charger’s technical settings should already be configured. If in doubt, contact your installer. Click Proceed.

14. Click the 3rd Party Backend button.

15. You should see a page to configure your network connection. Choose the network connection you want to setup and follow the on-screen prompts.

16. Once you are connected you should see a page similar to this:

17. In the Backend URL field enter wss://app.ev.energy/ws/ocpp16/innogy/

18. In the Password (Optional) field enter the password provided earlier.

19. Click Proceed.

20. Your charger will now reboot.

21. Contact support@ev.energy with your serial number and ask for your charger to be commissioned.

22. You can now signup to the ev.energy and enjoy cheaper, greener, simpler

electric vehicle charging!