Even greener, cheaper and smarter charging

ev.energy’s Solar Smart charging system calculates the best time to charge your vehicle based on your electricity tariff and your solar panel output, as well as when greener electricity is available from your supplier.

Solar Smart Charging uses a highly accurate solar forecasting algorithm to optimise your charge for when it's cheapest and greenest, considering: your tariff, the carbon forecast, and your solar panel output. The algorithm predicts how much power your solar panels are producing and then schedules your charging accordingly. See "How does Solar Smart Charging calculate the best time to charge?"

Solar Smart Charging is a software-only solution. Using a software-based approach means that users do not need to have any specific hardware. It also means that we can make it available to all our users irrespective of their location.

Saving money with Solar Smart Charging

Solar Smart Charging is designed to charge greener and save you money. However, please note that we need to know which electricity tariff you're on in order to save you money reliably, especially if you're on a variable tariff. So make sure you have indicated your tariff details in the Energy Supply settings before you turn Solar Smart Charging on.

You can turn off Solar Smart Charging any time by visiting the Energy Supply settings. You can also hit the Boost button to temporarily override our charging schedules. 

See "How can Solar Smart Charging save me money?"

We need your feedback

As Solar Smart Charging is still in the beta phase, please be aware that some things may not work as expected the first time around. It's possible that on occasion there may be issues with charging data and prices. If you come across anything out of the ordinary or unexpected please get in touch with us.

Based on user feedback, we are planning to release more fine-tuned controls. This means you'll be able to tweak more solar smart charging settings in the future.

For now, the one thing you can control is the stated size of your solar array. If you want to reserve some of your solar power for your household, set the array size to a smaller value. For example, if your solar array is 10kW, and you want your house to use half of that - then indicate an array size of 5kW in the app.

We are planning hardware integrations with battery and inverters in the near future. We will prioritise the hardware that makes the most sense for our users based on feedback from the beta phase. 
For users that have an Indra charger, we already support Indra's solar only feature with which our app is fully compatible.