The Home Solar Beta product works as follows: 

  • Firstly make sure that the app is in smart mode for the home solar feature to work
  • We will then schedule your charging based on your regional solar/weather forecast
  • Once a session is complete we will show your cost and carbon savings in the app that you've made through using Home Solar

As this is still in the Beta phase please be aware that some things may not work as expected the first time around. It's possible that on occasion there may be issues with charging data and prices. If you come across anything out of the ordinary or unexpected please get in touch with us.

If something goes wrong and you want to disable all smart charging, you can switch off Smart Charging in the app, or hit the Boost button to temporarily override our charging schedules. Soon we’ll be releasing more fine-grained controls in the app so you will be able to tweak your Home Solar settings, but for now, if you want to leave the Solar smart charging Beta, e-mail support and we’ll get you removed.