ev.energy's solar features can operate in a couple of different ways, offering you the choice of how best to power your vehicle with sunshine:

The Solar and Grid mode (available for any ev.energy-compatible EVs and chargers) uses our solar generation projections to plan full-rate charges throughout the day during periods where the amount of energy we expect your panels to generate is sufficient enough to drive the overall blended cost of your charging low enough to save you money on your charges. This essentially means that the charger won't activate until enough grid-imported energy is offset by your home's solar production to make that period's blended cost favourable over your usual charging costs.

The Solar Only mode (available for waEV-Charge, BG SyncEV, Indra, and Rolec chargers) again uses our solar projections, but this time sends commands to your charger to turn the rate of charge up or down in line with what we believe your solar array will be outputting during that particular time period. This means that energy imported from the grid by your charger during these charges should be cut to zero, allowing you to charge the car essentially for free during periods of high solar activity.

What’s more, compatible chargers that are linked to external CT clamp can relay information about solar energy being exported to the grid, meaning we can adapt your charging sessions to make your solar charging even more accurate! (Not available for Rolec Wallpod and HomeSmart chargers)