At, we are excited to announce our new, broader range of rewards available to you! From May 1st we’re expanding our Smart Charging rewards to include:

• 100% Zero-Carbon Charging with Carbon Credits

• Free Home & Rapid Charging*
• Amazon and Starbucks Gift Cards

The change to our reward scheme is in conjunction with Project Shift, an exciting new smart charging trial led by UK Power Networks. These rewards will be available to a limited number of users from the 1st May.

*We’ve developed Free Home & Rapid Charging with partner energy suppliers.

To claim these rewards, all you will need to do is:

  1. Ensure Smart Charging is enabled in your app
  2. Collect reward points by completing a Smart Charge of at least 10kWh
  3. Head to rewards tab in the app and tap a reward to claim! 

We understand that claiming coffee right now is difficult due to coronavirus. If you’d like to get new rewards early, provide any additional feedback or you haven't received your voucher please email us (