In version 2.2.11 of the app, we improved the advanced "Only Charge Off-Peak" setting so that customers with an off-peak energy tariff can set a custom price threshold. 

Head to your "Smart Charging Settings", switch "Only Charge Off-Peak" ON and use the slider to set your own off-peak threshold. With this advanced setting enabled, your car will only charge when your electricity rate drops below the price you set (The slider will save your choice automatically). 

Please note:

  • Make sure it's set above your off-peak rate or you won't charge: the slider goes from 0p/kwh to 20p/kwh.
  • With this setting enabled, you may not reach full charge if this cannot be delivered in the off-peak time period.
  • You can temporarily override this setting by tapping "Boost" at any time.

The "Off-Peak Threshold Slider" and "Only Charge Off-Peak" setting is not available to users who have a flat-rate tariff selected.

You can find out about our other "Advanced Settings" here.