We've put together a handy list of recommended energy suppliers and EV tariffs. 

Igloo Energy - Pioneer energy tariff plus Igloo Smart EV. Single low rate tariff for all their customers. If you seek simplicity and also want to benefit from a fantastic reward scheme with 1,200 Free miles of Smart Charging, this is the option for you.

ESB Energy - ESB Energy EV tariff. Ideal for EV owners based in London or Coventry as you will gain 2 years free access rapid charging networks in these locations. 100% of energy sourced from renewables.

Octopus Energy - The Go tariff. Designed just for energy geeks who embrace a more complex tariff. Slightly higher standard price, but a great off-peak rate if you can do all your charging in the 4 hour off peak window. Requires a smart meter to be fitted.

EDF Energy - GoElectric tariff. Great off peak rate and hours, including weekends. Does require a smart meter to be fitted by EDF to gain these benefits.