When you sign up to ev.energy through our app, we'll automatically set a charging schedule for 07:00AM the next day. Simple plug in your car and we'll charge it overnight using the cheapest, greenest energy available. 

This will be displayed on your app dashboard by the Green Roundal - the words "Charging scheduled" will appear when we're waiting to charge your car (Your car must be plugged in to see this). 

You can change your schedule at any time:

- Tap the Cog/Lightning bolt symbol in the top left of your dashboard.

From here you'll be able to set a ready by time and configure more advanced smart charging settings.

Or alternatively, you can access your Smart Charging Settings from

- Tap ACCOUNT on the bottom tab bar


You can also change your ready by time directly from your app dashboard whenever your car is plugged in to your home charger - simply tap the green text in the centre of the screen. When the dialogue opens, pick a ready by time. You'll see a notification at the top of the screen to highlight that we've schedule your next charge.