Logging in with your Tesla Account on app sign up allows you to Smart Charge your Tesla on any brand of home charger. It also means you'll be able to track your charging away from home and better optimize your at home charging. If you own a Rolec HomeSmart EV charge point, you're given the option to login to gain these benefits on sign up - or if you skipped this, you can log in again by navigating to Account > Car Account Settings.

- How does ev.energy use my Tesla login data?

By logging in with your Tesla Account, you allow us to read the state of charge of your battery. This means we can Smart Charge your Tesla by starting and stopping charging when energy is at its cheapest and greenest (based on a combination of the cheapest price of energy on your electricity tariff, and the carbon intensity index). We DON’T STORE your Tesla email or password on our servers. We take your privacy and security very seriously and we maintain a secure system with regular security tests.

When you log in, Tesla provides us with an access and refresh token, which can be used to maintain access to your car for 60 days. This standard process, called Oauth, is the same way that major companies like Facebook and Google enable customers to authenticate access to a 3rd party website. We only use this token to start and stop your charging - we don't access any other features of your Tesla account. 

This access and refresh token is encrypted, stored securely, and will refresh automatically every 45 days. 

- How do I revoke access / I no longer want to grant ev.energy access


You can revoke our access at any time, simply by changing your Tesla account password. We're working on a way of improving this so that in future you can revoke your access straight from the app. 

- I don’t want to hand my Tesla username/password or token details over, but I’m still interested in Smart Charging.

We understand that not everyone is comfortable with handing over these details. You can still Smart Charge without integrating your car by using one of our integrated charge points like the Rolec HomeSmart EV. If you would like to use this system, please let us know and we can discuss how this can be installed in your garage/driveway.

Full information about how we use your data is available in our Privacy Policy. Or if you have any further questions, feel free to email us - we’d be happy to help!