We’ve been hard at work developing the features of ev.energy SOLAR based on feedback and suggestions from both our loyal ev.energy users, and the experiences of our team of EV and home energy generation enthusiasts.

We’re confident the that the benefits of these features to you as a user will outweigh the costs, which is why we’re offering our “Sunshine Promise”: we guarantee you’ll save at least £50 over the next 12 months by using the features of ev.energy SOLAR - if not, we’ll refund you the difference!

What’s more, we’re also offering a 30-day free trial of ev.energy SOLAR to all users with solar panels, meaning you can see the benefits of driving on sunshine for yourself!

Please rest assured that no matter what happens, you’ll always have access to the ev.energy app itself as well as its best-loved features - such as Smart charging your vehicle from the grid at the cheapest and greenest times, Smart charging rewards, and detailed costs and savings reporting on your home charging sessions to name but a few. 

These features form the core of both our app and our vision as a certified B Corp, and will always remain free to all users.