This guide describes how to connect an compatible SmartenIt charger to your Wi-Fi. 

Please note that this process will only work for chargers which are pre-configured to connect to and purchased through one of our partner programs*, or SmartenIt's special product page.

If you haven't purchased a SmartenIt charger from the special product page, please contact our Customer Support.

Step 1: Power on your SmartenIt charger and press the SET button 13 times consecutively.

The NETWORK LED will go out for one second and then begin flashing rapidly. The device will set up a hotspot.

Tip: make sure the network LED begins flashing. If not, trying pressing the set button 13 times again.

Step 2: On your device, navigate to Wi-Fi network selection and search for the the device hotspot. It will be listed as ‘SmartenIt IOT” along with the last four digits of the device’s MAC ID. Select this network.

Step 3: Navigate to the following link to enter the SmartenIt Wi-fi setup portal:

Alternatively, you can open a browser and manually navigate to the following URL to access the setup portal: http://192.16 8.4.1/

Step 4: At the top of the Wi-Fi setup portal, tap the 'Scan for WiFi networks' button.

Step 5: Select the network your SmartenIt charger will connect to and enter the network password if there is one.

Step 6: Complete the Wi-fi Setup by clicking ‘Save Settings and Reboot’ at the bottom of the page. Your SmartenIt charger will now be connected to Wi-fi. You may switch back to the preferred network on your device.

*Partner programs include Silicon Valley Clean Energy