In the case you accidentally selected the wrong model, trim, or simply got a new vehicle, you'll want to update your vehicle details to ensure the best possible experience! Selecting the correct vehicle in your account allows us to accurately estimate the charging time and create a smart charging schedule that works around your needs-- whether that is ready by time, off-peak hours, or the least carbon intensive hours.

To update your vehicle, please tap the "Account" tab and then "Vehicle Details" near the top of the screen. Once in "Vehicle/Car Details," you'll see the Name, Account (if it's an integrated vehicle), Make, Model, and Trim of your current vehicle. At the bottom of this page, tap "Update car."

There are three categories that you can update-- each one will populate with the appropriate options as you go down the list. If, for example, you used to own a BMW i3 Range Extender (33 kWh) and now have a Tesla Model X 100D (100kWh), you'll need to first change the make, then model, and finally trim. If you simply chose the wrong trim, you can skip the others and just go to "Trim." 

Tap "Save Changes" and you're finished!

If you run into any issue while changing vehicles, you can always contact us for assistance at and we'd be happy to help.