At we're passionate about decarbonising transport. Obviously! We are always looking to improve our smart charging service by making it as green and cheap as possible for everyone. With 95% of EV charging done at home and solar panels decreasing in price by 89% in the last decade, offering solar smart charging to our users feels both exciting and necessary.

This Beta stage rollout is about us collecting as much data as possible to assess whether our software-only solution satisfies all of our users' solar needs. We feel confident cars will continue to charge at the greenest and cheapest times available, whether that be when it's sunny during the day, or overnight when your off-peak rate applies. 

The initial data that we've collected thus far from alpha users is really promising! Our solar forecasting looks to be highly accurate and the charging algorithm is working as intended.

We're very grateful to our users that want to help us chart the course to zero (or even negative) carbon charging - thanks for being part of the green revolution!

If at any point you wish to turn off the solar smart charging feature then you can do so in the app. 

We'll be very grateful for any feedback on that feature so please do email us with any thoughts or comments.