This article applies to our subscriptions service only - which we're trialing with a select number of users. is FREE for most users.  

The price of the subscription service can vary from user to user and is largely dependent on the following factors:

  • The subscription tier you wish to sign up to. We offer different mileage allowances per month. The greater the mileage entitlement the greater the cost. The typical mileage breakdowns we offer are as follows:
    • 1000 miles p/month
    • 2000 miles p/month
    • Unlimited miles p/month
  • Your energy supplier and tariff. The price of the subscription will be dictated by the cost of your energy, at least to a certain extent. As is covering the cost of your monthly charging, the subscription service will be priced to align with cost p/kWh of your energy tariff. This ensures that the subscription is economically viable for both you and us.

Please note - It is possible to change your energy supplier you can read more on that here.