The Rolec HomeSmart EV charge point comes with a FREE 3 year-subscription to's smart charging service. We guarantee that no subscription charges beyond 3 years will apply if we are not saving you money in the app.

There are several options available to you after the first three years. These cover the GPRS SIM connection and data management, which is more reliable, secure and simpler to setup for you than using Wifi: 

  • Option 1 is to continue to use for free, with one of our energy supply partners.’s goal is to work with partner energy suppliers to provide you with super cheap charging at home. For example, we currently have a deal in place with Igloo Energy which gives customers 1,200 miles of free charging. We have more great deals underway with a number of other energy suppliers, including ESB, and a big 6. 
  • Option 2, you can continue to use the app with any energy supply company but this may include a subscription fee.
  • Option 3, if you don’t want to do smart charging / anymore, you can disconnect from and just continue to use your charge point as a standard charger. There are no charges to do this. 

Hopefully this gives you peace of mind about the advantages of this solution and that you will never be out of pocket.