Your WallPod came with a 3 year subscription to the smart charging app. When your subscription comes to an end, it will be time to update your Smart Charging App to

For £7.50 a month you can keep all the features you love and access many more!

  • Claim rewards for 15 reward points
  • Gain access to additional vendors to claim your reward points with, including cash back on your energy bills, John Lewis, Costa and Marks and Spencer
  • Access over 5,700 chargers at 2,000 locations and free public charging sessions across the UK on the Allstar network
  • Charge your car using your home solar without the need for an expensive charger unit
  • Personalised charging reports sent straight to your inbox each month
  • Guaranteed response from our Customer Success team within 24 hours

What if you don't upgrade to Standard users will get:

  • No access to away from home charging
  • Basic Amazon in-app rewards at the cost of 30 reward points
  • Limited in-app charging data and standard user support.
  • Continued access to smart charging functionality

Sign up for HERE!